I had a t-shirt more or less 30 years ago that became my favorite. The t-shirt was a mixture of cotton and linen. It was tightly woven, pretty much like an Oxford shirt. I did wear it frequently and for a very long time. Unlike regular t-shirts it didn’t stick to the body on hot days. It kept its shape and became more comfortable to wear over time, similar to the feeling with denim. The linen made it cool in hot weather, more durable and fast-drying. I have been looking for a garment with a similar feeling since then, without success. Finally, the idea to recreate that feeling by starting an own company emerged. Maybe someone else would be interested in the garments I had in mind?


The requirements for my garment collection are the following.


  • Extensive demands on environmentally sustainable production (certified organic fabrics).
  • No plastic. All materials (including the sewing thread) should consist of natural materials, mainly cotton, hemp and linen.
  • Unbleached and undyed fabrics or only natural colours to further minimize the use of chemicals in the production.
  • The garments should not only be ecologically sustainable but also have a long life span. They must be tightly woven (> 240 g / sqm) but still with a fine texture.
  • The design should be straight and clean without any loose parts such as buttons, zippers or other details that can easily break.


I am genuinely concerned about the excessive consumption and the harm it creates in big parts of the world. In view of these concerns, it may seem contradictory to produce something new. However, my sincere hope is that the requirements I have set up for my garments can contribute to a more sustainable production and consumption. This is the driving force behind FLAXon Ecowear.